Masculine and Feminine (Seen as Energies)


Gino Severini’s “Armored Train in Action” (1915)
Recently, helping my friend with her online art history class, I came across something interesting… well disturbing really. In 1911, an art movement that called itself “Futurism,” led by a Milanese poet and editor Filippo Tomaso Marinetti (1876-1944) declared that everything old, dull and “feminine” should be swept away and replaced by dangerous, “masculine,” “futuristic,” love of machines, speed and war… (Jeez, where did it all go wrong?!)

Later, in 1988, the group of female artists who called themselves “Guerilla Girls” published a different “Manifesto,” called “The Advantages of being a Woman Artist,” where they recounted the dubious “advantages” such as “Working without the pressure of success; not having to be included in shows with men… Knowing your career might pick up after you’re eighty… Seeing your ideas live in the work of others… Not having to undergo the embarrassment of being called a genius… etc.” You get the picture.



However, it was not the obvious misogyny of the world’s order that depressed me per se- the topic is rather obvious and widely discussed in the modern reality (especially lately), but I realized something quite different. I saw the gender imbalance as a deeper issue that is at the core of all the world’s issues.

As you might know (or not) almost all the history books are written from the masculine perspective and document lives and action of men (mostly) while the other half of the population was assumed to just be… watching? Of course not, women were living their lives and contributing to creating the world’s reality just as much (sometimes to the same degree of distortion), yet that perspective was in the shadow, dismissed as less important or blatantly insignificant. I do feel that ignoring the “shadow” side of things (in this case the feminine perspective) does not make the “light/masculine” more powerful but on the contrary, makes him weak and lost because after all, whether he wants to admit it or not, the Feminine is a part of him, and you don’t become strong by suppressing a half of yourself

My own studies of the human body and the energy field led me to understand the energy flow as two faceted: left side- magnetic/receptive/Feminine and the right side- electric/active/Masculine. Every human body is designed in that way, regardless of the biological gender. Therefore, every human being carries the feminine and masculine principals inside themselves.

So, what are those principles, for example? Here is the short list I came up with:


  • Nurturing
  • Creative
  • Understanding
  • Intuitive
  • Graceful
  • Free-flowing
  • Receptive


  • Integral
  • Self-assertive
  • Clear-minded
  • Focused
  • Protective
  • Forward-moving
  • Organized

Mind you these are the character traits that describe energies, not the people who may (temporarily) embody them. A man could be creative, intuitive and graceful yet those qualities would be an expression of his feminine energy (that men often try to hide or disown within themselves for the fear of ridicule). Same as a woman could be self-assertive, organized and clear-minded, articulating her masculine side that (not so rarely) would earn her criticism and a series of not too gentle nicknames or at times aggression and prosecution.

The trouble and the confusion, which creates animosity between men and women in the contemporary society, in my opinion, comes from misunderstanding that the expression of these polarities should refer to the physical genders, while it needs to be seen as an internal integration of the forward-moving/electric and receptive/magnetic energies. It is the internal “battle of the sexes” that needs to be brought to a peaceful and harmonious conclusion, not the external one…

left handright hand

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