My Art Philosophy

ballerina (2)


          My self-discovery as an artist has taken me through time and space both literally and figuratively. Having lived in various places of the planet and absorbing the wide range of diversity of cultural perceptions I came to the vivid realization that when it comes to art (or life in general) there is no such thing as one universal truth or canon. There is only personal preference. How do we know what we prefer though? Is it something we learn from parents or in school? If so, what does that have to do with us? Are there some authority figures who have once and for all decided what is good and what isn’t forever more? Sometimes I hear that to be a commercially successful artist one needs to have developed one’s personal, recognizable style. What does that mean? Does it mean one must paint only exaggeratedly elongated figures like Modigliani or only sprinkle paint on canvas like Jackson Pollack for the rest of one’s life? If so, art would be a very limiting and narrow experience… I would much rather treat all the available art styles and technique as my pallet and use them to express my own vision. When I conceive a painting or a drawing, it is a certain feeling or a certain story I wish to communicate to the audience. All I can do is connect to that feeling myself as strongly as I can and do my best to convey it, making a fraction of my personal perception externalized and available for others to observe. I am not expecting for everybody to resonate with my preferences, I am only offering a glimpse into my personal perception through the means of painting and drawing. In other words, please leave the “intellectual critic” part of your mind at the door and let yourself wonder. What do you see? What do you feel? Do the paintings “speak” to you? To me they do…




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