SOLAR WINDS (excerpt)

The Moon rose over the ancient citadel on top of the hill. The fortress was flickering. One moment you see its massive stone walls, round jagged-top towers and black loopholes against the night’s starry sky, another you don’t… a real magician performing its ‘disappearing act’. Judy kept watching, enchanted. Gradually, she noticed a motionless, shadowy figure by the Eastern wall of the castle. It was standing still but wouldn’t vanish with the citadel. Judy realized the figure was watching the ‘performance’ too. The girl liked the idea of sharing this moment with a stranger. She was curious what that person was seeing and feeling. It would be a little different from her own sensations. She knew that. But how different? She wondered. The figure shifted and blended with the dark wall that had just reappeared. A few moments later the wall dissolved, and Judy noticed the shadow’s outline move closer. She could even tell that it was a young man, tall, with broad shoulders and long dark hair. She couldn’t see his face. A strange feeling. Was she being carried away by her imagination, or did the man look familiar? She even imagined one of the children from her memory suddenly growing up and coming up to say “hi.” Judy stood still, watching the stranger approach. The man noticed her and slowed down, as if trying to remember her as well. No, she has never seen him before. She would never forget a pale stern face and dark eyes like that. The young man passed and the girl felt a cold shiver running down her spine. Where did it come from? The feeling slowly subsided. It was time to go home.

alain cartoon

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