Welcome to the world of travels through time, space and states of being… Does that sound confusing? Don’t worry, it isn’t really…

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I was born in a country that no longer exists. My father was an army officer, and my life had been nomad like since its very beginning. I’ve never learned the concept of “solid reality,” and was very happy about that. As we moved from place to place, I would absorb the delights of every culture and learn a new outlook on life. I could not get enough of the wonderful variety the world had to offer. So when I grew up, it seemed very natural that my horizons would expand beyond my country of origin, and then beyond our little blue planet as well.

We all live in a multi-dimensional Universe, and we are incredible multi-dimensional beings capable of complex perception and understanding. All that ever limits us is the belief that we are limited. Release that belief and you will see how fluid and ever-changing the world around you really is. I am infinitely interested in exploring the new horizons and new perceptions and my favorite “language” and “tool of perception” has always been art- art of any form- painting, film, dance, music, written word, you name it…

I feel that having lived in various parts of the world and in various cultures, I had traveled not only through geographical places but also through time and space, and I would love to share the many wonderful things I’ve learned, seen and experienced… So, come along with me, my brave reader, and dare to discover something new for yourself!

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